About Us

Originated from the thinking of beauty. Different curves have different aesthetic feelings. Customized fashion wear for women in plus sizes Plus-size girls should have their own exclusive fashion consultants. In addition to comfortable and fit clothes, the design gives more fashionable elements to their fit sizes clothes, pursuing beauty and revealing the unique individual personality beauty. Founded in 2022 , "CORASTYLES" is to interpret their own wonderful inner world and spiritual pursuit with each unique soul. "CORASTYLES" is intended to target the plus- size female population and reiterate that different curves have different aesthetic feelings. The brand, concept and spirit of clothing can reflect women's different life habits and characteristics. The women CORASTYLES wants to impress are young, confident, healthy, natural and sexy women wearing plus-size clothes. The design inspiration of each product of CORASTYLES comes from the shaping of the curve beauty of plus-size women Three series of ESSENTIAL, CHIC and ACTIVE , with products that meet their daily wear/Chic wear and Active wear. In these life scenes, you can use CURVE SOUL clothing to show your self confidence and aesthetics.